Pet food solutions for healthy pets and happy owners

If you’re a pet food manufacturer, there are two main groups to keep happy: pets and their owners. This means you have to offer great taste, freshness, and functional properties – while assuring owners that your products are safe, clean, and natural. On today’s market, you also need to optimize your production process, secure good margins, and find turnkey solutions that can increase efficiency. With 50 years of experience in pet food, we can offer exactly what you need to succeed. We offer premium meat by-products ready to slot into your production line and enhance the taste, bite, and nutritional value of your pet food, all at a competitive rate.

Understanding what pet owners want

Throughout our long history, we have developed a deep understanding of what cat and dog owners want in a pet food, namely: high quality, reasonable prices, total safety. And we are committed to providing everything necessary to help you fulfill those wants and  needs on the basis of the latest market insights. With a complete portfolio of fats, proteins, and innovative functional ingredients, our meat by-products are essential ingredients for high-quality pet food that pets cannot resist.

Maximum trust, maximum value

While the quality of your pet food is crucial, the production process itself is just as important. At CTH, we don’t just offer high quality meat by-products; rather, we aim to be a reliable and trustworthy partner, offering turnkey solutions ready to fit straight into your production line.  Down the years, we have developed strategic partnerships with a broad base of suppliers, so you can benefit from our ability to offer a steady supply of fresh ingredients for premium pet food production. With our ingredients and support, we deliver on the promise of providing you first-class fresh ingredients to help you make pets healthy, their owners happy, and your business successful.

Find the natural products that suit your requirements

From artisanal sausage makers to leading pharma or pet food manufacturers as producer you require the best possible natural products that you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced.

You can rely on us for tasty pet food solutions

Nutritious, functional meat by-products for pet food, to keep pets vital and owners happy.

At CTH, we know how much pets mean to their owners. This means that pet food manufacturers have to offer great taste, freshness, and functional properties – while assuring owners that your products are safe, clean, and natural. We support pet food manufacturers with fresh, first-class ingredients of high nutritional value – carefully produced.

Products and a supplier you can trust

At CTH, we carefully select and process all fresh raw materials ourselves. Unlike other producers, we source our materials directly from the slaughter line before processing them at our own facilities. By thus managing the entire supply chain, we can offer you maximum freshness, outstanding quality, full traceability, and sustainability – all at a competitive price. By choosing us as your supplier, you can count on reliable and value-adding natural products from a trusted processor and supplier.

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